News Transcript, April 19, 2000

Living With Style

Frame Décor Can Help With Personal Choice of Art

By Jo-Ann Lamon Reccoppa

When it comes to decorating the house, art is perhaps the most personal choice one can make. It should reflect the taste and sense of the style of the purchaser, not the tastes of friends and neighbors.

"You should absolutely love a work of art when you are ready to buy," advises Denise Kaplan, owner of Frame Décor and Gallery in the Marlboro Plaza on Route 9 north in Marlboro. "The piece should mean something to you personally. Whether a sculpture, a painting, or a poster, that which is depicted in the work should make you dream when you gaze at it, whether you know why you love it or not."

Often, our attraction to a certain work is a mystery. A great work of art makes us stop and study a picture or a sculpture; there is some element of wonder in the piece that appeals only to us. Animated musical cells, such as Steamboat Willie (Mickey Mouse), may very well return us to a happy childhood. A certain landscape, portrait, or piece of 3-D art might bring great joy, convey a peaceful feeling of well-being, or pick up our spirits each time we glance at it. What works for one person may not work for another.

A common misconception about what constitutes great art is that the more costly the work, the better the art. This simply isn't so. Art is too personal a choice for such a broad assumption. Relatively new, lesser-known artists produce magnificent work, and often the cost of these paintings is minimal.

"Art doesn't have to be expensive to be tasteful. It does have to mean something to those who display it. It should be framed in a way that complements the artwork. Whether you invest in an expensive piece, or purchase a relatively thrifty poster, the proper framing enhances the work," explains Kaplan.

Framing and matting highlights a piece to show it off at its very best. Existing art can be updated with a new mat to give it a fresh look. The right customized frame, in the proper color, material and design, can transform an interesting painting into one which is truly spectacular. The key is to complement the art with both the framing and matting. The same can be done for portraits, those passed down from generation to generation. The correct frame adds dignity to the work, a fresh mat in a complementary shade properly highlights the subject of the portrait.

In her 31 years of customized framing and selling art, Kaplan has seen styles and trends come and go. One thing has remained consistent - her clientele. As Kaplan has insisted from the first day she opened her doors in the Marlboro Plaza location, her clients must be thrilled with the custom frames, mats and artwork purchased through her gallery.

There are approximately 2,000 prints in Frame Décor's stock, hundreds of mat samples and frame displays, original sculptures and paintings, and 3-D works or art. If you have a particular artist in mind, Kaplan can find almost any artist's work that is not in her current inventory.

Better still, visit the gallery. Browsing is not only welcome, it is encouraged. Many of the works on display are exclusively through Frame Décor and Gallery. You are sure to find at least one artist whose ingenious works reflects your own imagination and makes your spirits soar.

For additional information on custom frames and art work, call Frame Décor and Gallery at (732) 972-2171.

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